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    Revit and Filemaker?


      Has anyone been successful in interfacing with REVIT (3d building modelling software)

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          What exactly are you imagining an interface between these two programs looks like?


          People have used filemaker webviewers before to render 3D CAD type files out of containers and web sources, specifically autodesk products, before.


          Given that the API for revit is built on .NET and more akin to a SDK, I doubt it's really the type of thing that interfaces well with RDBMS applications. For any integration, it might be necessary for someone to create a plugin for filemaker.


          If you're just looking for data exchanges, then a series of scripted imports/exports from each program may suffice for your needs, where automation via an API is not possible.

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            Hi Mike

            This is the scenario.

            • Use filemaker to write a building brief e.g. room area, number of power points per rooms etc
            • Get from Revit the actual room area, number of power points etc
            • Then compare in filemaker.
            • Ability to view parts of a Revit drawing would be a massive bonus, Webviewer as you say?

            I'm pretty sure excel could be used as an intermediary but a direct connection would be better I think.

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              Upon further reading, Revit Server has a REST API interface. Thus you could potentially setup an interface to filemaker via REST commands.


              Usually making REST commands via XML, cURL or otherwise is done via a plugin from filemaker. The free BaseElements plugin supports these calls.



              Also, JSON is usually used as the returned information format of a REST request. The JSON module is a great utility for dealing with JSON data in filemaker:



              While it would take a fair amount of tinkering to setup, you as a revit user and filemaker user most likely has the majority of knowledge needed to set this up.


              I have not heard of anyone integrating these two programs before, so I can't say that you'll find a developer on here that has.

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                That is great info Mike


                So would I need to run both the JSON and the Baseelements plugins or are they alternatives to do the same thing?


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                  Think about it like a bank transaction. JSON is your money, being passed back and forth, FileMaker is you, BaseElements is your ATM card, and Revit is the ATM.


                  So You (filemaker) would use your bank card (baseelements) to deposit or withdraw money (JSON/Data) from your bank (revit).


                  Thus yes, both are required in tandem.

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                    I know this is old, but you were able to get it figured out?