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New to filemaker question

Question asked by BrianBurwell on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by Extensitech

I want to make an employee locker assignment database in filemaker . I have a few thoughts and questions to pose, so please bear with me.


  • The way I see it, it would be relatively simple as far as not many tables.   Likely one for employee roster and another for lockers. 
  • What I am trying to get past is it seems to always be a many to many relationship.   Many employees and many lockers.   I get that one employee can have one locker so in reality it can be a one to many. 
  • What I hope to achieve is
    • Having a list of available not already assigned lockers.
      • that the database would be able to parse the lockers that are assigned to someone and show remaining
        • would the best way be to use check boxes, assigned and vacant ? 
        • Is there a script to use (i have no experience in scripting) to get the list of available lockers ? 
      • I think that this would be done by having the locker as the parent table and the employees as the child.   But I am unclear on how to actually get filemaker to provide me a list of lockers from the total that are not assigned and can be assigned. 
        • I will be importing data from a excel sheet that we currently use so lockers already area assigned.
    • I want a portal for each locker to show employee history.  Example employee x had it from this time to that time before they quit/transferred...
      • I don't think that will be too bad, i have done portals before.
    • It would be nice to generate barcodes for each locker.   Then using filemaker go have it so you can walk up to a locker, scan the barcode and find out who's locker it is..  But I guess the same is achieved by just entering the existing locker number.   Do you see any advantage to using a barcode system vs numerics ?



I would appreciate any feedback possible.  


Thanks.. Brian