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Run an import from a file placed in a Container?

Question asked by Stigge on Dec 23, 2015
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Am building an function that allowes me to import pre-invoicing details files in to an filemaker database. So i later on can build statistics and other usefull information from on it.

All the pre-invoice files are .xlsx files and its year back that i need to import.


I have all functions already made for this, all the import works to put everything in correct tables and with correct information..

Now i just want to improve this scripts.

What i do now:

manually choose the same file for all 10 tables, so i need to manually choose the same file 10 times and click the import options.. that is alot of clicking......

The first thing i do when i need to import is to load the file in to a container. (to get the department name and what year and what month. so i dont need to type that manually).Now am wondering if its possible to make my "Import" function automaticly choose the container file instead ?


I have googled alot for this but cant find an solution or if its even possible..

Do enyone know ?