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Help requested to create a "dwindling value list" across multiple fields in multiple records?

Question asked by KenP on Dec 23, 2015

I'm fairly new to Filemaker and this is my first time in seeking some assistance from the FileMaker Community Forum. I'm a member of a small sporting club (lawn bowls) in Australia and I am developing a solution that will allow us to select teams (12 players per team) across a number of grades/or divisions (7 grades) to compete against various other clubs over a season - we play a different club every Saturday over 10 weeks/rounds 1-10).


My current approach is as follows:

Table 1- Rounds (records of competition dates for each week/round, each grade & opposition club)

Table 2 - Team Selections (records of teams for each grade, for each week/round).

Table 3 - Player records (records of player names, contact details etc)


All 3 Tables are related.  Table 2 records are included in a portal on a layout associated with Table 1 (& a specified week/round).  Each team (for each grade) in the portal is a separate record. A Player can only play in one team in each week/round.


I am trying to create one "Value List" of all players that will reduce (dwindle) each time a player is selected to play in a team, across all records, in any week/round.


I have been successful in creating a "Dwindling Value List" for one field (e.g. Player 1) across each record in the portal for a given week/round - I have used the same approach as described by GUY STEVENS in his You-Tube video. My problem is that I am unable to also have the same value list dwindle across multiple player fields in the same record - that is, create a "Dwindling Value List" that reduces when each player is selected in the same team (within one record) and each player selected in other teams in other records (for the same week/round). I hope I haven't confused you to much with my explanation.


I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could advise me how I might achieve this outcome or if I'm "on a hiding to nowhere"?