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ESS records not updating

Question asked by jurgmay on Dec 23, 2015
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I have an annoyance which I'm hoping someone can help me resolve.


- I have a Management Information System running on MS SQL. It runs on a dedicated server.


In my FM solution I have a TO based on a 'view' from the SQL data source (let's call it 'dbo.MainJobDetails') and I have a utility layout which shows all of the fields for that view. On a separate layout which the user sees I have a portal which shows the records from the 'dbo.MainJobDetails' TO. The issue I have is that the records don't refresh as jobs are added or deleted from the SQL View.


I've read these documents: 'techbrief_intro_ess.pdf' and 'best_practices_ess_fm13_en.pdf'


On page 18 of 'best_practices_ess_fm13_en.pdf' it states:

"FileMaker Pro is quick to detect certain kinds of changes to the ESS data set. Any

operation that changes the number of ESS records, or any of their primary keys, will

be efficiently detected and reflected within FileMaker Pro. Record creation and record

deletion, as well as changing the primary key value for a row (if this is possible), will

be detected relatively quickly and the relevant updates brought down to FileMaker



So based on my understanding I would expect that any new records created within the MIS software would trigger FM to update the records in 'dbo.MainJobDetails'. Trouble is this isn't happening.


If I go to the 'dbo.MainJobDetails' layout and manually select Records > Refresh Window the records get added but it doesn't work when I script it - even with 'Flush cahced external data' checked. I've tried running a 'refresh window' script on the client and on FM Server but neither of them add the new ESS records.


I feel like I'm missing something very simple but I just can't figure it out.


Thanks for any guidance you may have to offer.