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    Charting Vectors in FileMaker


      Hi all,


      I am not very familiar with the charting capabilities of FileMaker and I need help. I would like to display 3 vectors on a single graph, all aligned as a straight line. Each vector has a starting point and ending point somewhere between an arbitrary, but fixed, x-axis distance of 0-5 units.


      I have attached an example. Any advice?


      Thank you, Stan

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          If your X axis is fixed, then you can do your x series at 0,1,2,3,4,5 separated by pilcrows.


          To achieve something similar to what you show in your PDF though, each Y series would have to contain a delimited list of values between the start and end of the range. EG if you had one vector from 0-4, you would need to enter a data set of 0,1,2,3,4 (separated again by pilcrows).


          Sooner though, you'll run into the limitations of graph formatting in filemaker, as in you really can't style the lines in the line chart at all.


          I've attached a quick sample of this type of graph as a native filemaker chart object. If you want something nicer looking, there are still a number of image and webviewer based charting solutions that integrate into filemaker with more fine control over the appearance.


          Here's a few I've heard of:

          xmCHART | X2max Software

          Beautiful Interactive Custom Charts - ISO FileMaker Magazine

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            Thanks. This gives me enough information to solve my display problem. I own xmChart (but not the server version which I would need), and have tried to use D3, but javascript continues to be out of my ability to understand.