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Table linking

Question asked by Gerrly on Dec 23, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by arby

This is a novice question, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  Essentially I have 4 tables and a couple of portals, but one table isn't making the connection.  Here's the problem:


1. Here's the first table (Probands). The portal displays data from TO: Proband-Variants. Relationship is such that if I create or delete in Probands, it will do likewise in Proband-Variants.  They are linked by Proband ID. This all works, but I'm mentioning it because I have a hunch that the portal should actually be directed to the next table I'll talk about (Published Variants).

Screen Shot 1.png

2. Here's a screenshot of part of the Proband-Variants table/layout that shows the previously shown portal does in fact create data properly.

Screen Shot 2.png

3. Here's the problem. I want this data in Proband-Variants (above) to create a record in the Published Variants table. However, when I click that View/Edit Publication Data button (show related record script), it doesn't work because nothing was created in the Published Variants table. Here is a view of that table/layout so you can see that the Gene, coordinates, c. (nucleotide change), and p. (amino acid change) are where I want the data from Proband-Variants to be created from. (The portal in Published Variants links to Publication Data table.)

Screen Shot 3.png

Here's the relationship info (I don't want to delete in published variants).

Screen Shot 4.png

Screen Shot 5.png

Thank you in advance.