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    Plugins and Server 14

      During my decades with FileMaker, I've used only one or two plugins and never installed one on a server.


      How does a plugin on the server work?


      Is it just for downloading and updating, does it work on the server anytime it is called or only during a perform on server or never?


      What I am hoping for is that if not all then at least the few I am interested in will work from the server so I don't have to require the installation on a client's computer.


      Thanks in advance,

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          You install the plugin in the server. There is an extensions folder for normal server and a Plugins folder for WebDirect.

          For normal server, you need to enable plugin in admin control panel.


          Than you can use plugin in scheduled scripts, perform script on server and WebDirect scripts.

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            The "install plugin" script step works fine on server.  So to make it easy you can just use it in a PSoS call or in a server-side schedule.


            You do however need to toggle two separate settings in the FMS config:

            - first to allow plugins server-side

            - second to allow solutions to install plugins

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              Thanks, I was hoping to hear that.


              I just recalled I did try to do a perform script on server once while under

              stressfull conditions and discovered that the script would just stop if it

              encountered something that wasn't server friendly.


              On Fri, Dec 25, 2015 at 5:35 PM, Christian Schmitz <noreply@filemaker.com>

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                JackRodgers wrote:

                discovered that the script would just stop if it

                encountered something that wasn't server friendly.



                That depends on the setting of "allow user abort off", the help file describes in a bit of detail.


                The other big gotcha that usually trips people up is the fact that PSoS and server-side scripts do run the file's "onOpen" script if one is configured - before it runs the target script.

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                  Thanks for that bit of information. I suppose I can resolve that by putting

                  a flag inside that script that is set the first time it is run. If flag is

                  empty, set flag and continue else exit script. Would that resolve the


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                    Pretty sure it would not - if I understand correctly.


                    Each PSoS call and each server-side schedule starts as if a completely new user logs on.  So setting a flag will not survive the next time the same user does a new PSoS or the next time a server-side schedule kicks in.


                    The best way to branch around incompatible steps is to use the Get(ApplicationVersion) call.  It will have the word "server" in it if it runs on server.

                    If you don't want any of your onOpen script to run then just do an IF test at the start and exit the script immediately.

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                      Just to double check, this PSoS reference is to the trigger script set in

                      the dialog:

                      File Option Trigger.png

                      Is this the script that the POS script would cause to be rerun?

                      My interpretation is that the perform on server would replay this

                      OnFirstWindowOpen trigger. If so I may rewrite it and use the On Enter in

                      the layout set to open with the file is open...

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                        Yes, the "onFirstWindowOpen".  Both "perform script on server" and server-side script schedules will run that script.


                        I don't quite follow what you intend to do with the layout trigger instead.  Like I mentioned before, the better approach is to keep the onOpen script but branch it according to the access method and intent.