Web viewer content not rendered in pdf report

Discussion created by padaddy on Dec 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by TSGal

I have a solution where I generate C3 charts ( within a web viewer.  This gives me more options and control over the chart than native FM (which is exceedingly limited).  The charts work beautifully when viewed on screen.  Part of the functionality of the solution is to create a PDF report where each chart is printed one per page.  But whenever I try to generate a pdf report with records containing the charts, many of the charts are either blank or not completely rendered in the PDF.  My guess is because the pdf page is being generated before the web viewer has completely loaded.  When using the desktop version, I can compensate for this by utilizing the append to PDF option (I just iterate through every record in the report, pausing for a second between each record, and append each page to the PDF).  However, my solution is designed primarily for FMGo users, where append to PDF is not an available option.

Since FM appears to know when the content of the web viewer is completed (there is a progress indicator at least on screen that leads me to believe this), it seems possible that FM could correct the issue, and ensure that web content is completely rendered when printing to PDF.  The alternate of allowing FMGo to append PDF pages would also be a workable and welcome solution.


Using FM 14, Windows, Mac, and FMGo 14