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Web viewer content not rendered in PDF report

Question asked by padaddy on Dec 24, 2015

I have a solution where I use c3 ( charts in a web viewer.  I do this because I cannot create the desired chart with native FM.  The charts render beautifully on screen.  However when I try to create a report using the charts (one web viewer per page) they do not all generate completely.  In a typical report of 20 pages less than 5 or so will render completely.  The rest are either partially rendered or missing completely.  On a desktop I can overcome this by using the "append to PDF" functionality and iterate through each record, pausing for a second or two , and then append the page to the report and move on.  But as most of my users are on FMGo, the "append to PDF" solution isn't an option.  I'm wondering if anyone else out there has ran into this problem and figured out a solution? 

I have tried looping through every record in the report, pausing a few seconds for each one, and THEN printing the PDF (hoping that the rendered charts are all in memory).  This has increased the number of successfully generated charts a bit, but I still always have blanks.

I'm guess I'm going to have to figure out how to do a handoff from FMGo to some server side processing to generate a report (using the append to PDF functionality) and send the completed PDF back to the user...  I was also trying to find out if I could possibly capture the image of the rendered chart in the web viewer and store it in a container field, but that doesn't look possible... 


Any ideas out there?