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    Shifting Field Entry


      Hi, I currently have a text field (field A) that fills through an auto-enter substitute calculation which gathers text from a group of other fields (fields 1,2,3).  What I would like to do is toggle the same auto-enter calculation (from fields 1,2,3) to fill in another field (field B).  I assume one toggle method would be to use a radio button on the layout that I could select either field A or B.  This would then appropriately change the field being filled in.

      Any insight would be much appreciated.  Oh, and Merry Xmas.

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          Markus Schneider

          you could add a 'case' statement to the auto-enter option that 'does/does not' depending on the radio button field. You also can add a script/scripttrigger to the radio button field that dies does the calc

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            Benjamin Fehr

            that dies the calc


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            For best answer, you need to be aware of the chronology of the whole process:

            Your auto-enter calculation sets in when 'create new record' is performed. This calculation might take place before the user has taken any decision which case should apply (Radiobuttons: o Field A | • Field B)


            How do you "guide" your user thru this processes?

            This analysis best starts with a follow-up scheme, kind of:

            - user enters Layout

            - user chooses case Field-A OR case Field-B

            - create New Record according to the case chosen

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              Markus Schneider



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