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    Automatically Turn Off FileMaker Server 14


      Hi All,


      Currently, I am using FileMaker Server 14 on Mac but nowadays i am getting some issues on server.



      Automatically turn off the status on FileMaker Server 14 & at the same time, all clients disconnect and Another Issue is that show "Authentication failed" on FileMaker Server 14  at "Status Screen" whenever i connect the hosted file. I don't know that what's happening here ?

      I seemed that this is a network issue but i found that there is no network issue.


      I have attached the screenshot. Please provide me the solution about this issues. !

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          Thank you for your post.


          The error.png file shows that communication with the server/client has been lost.


          The screen shot shows FileMaker Server is currently off.  Check the Event.log and Access.log files for clues.  The system.log may also provide clues to the network issue.



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