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    Some appearance of button bar can't be changed


      Product and version

      FileMaker Pro 14.0.4

      OS and version

      Windows 7


      In inspector, you can't change "Text" nor "Paragraph" parameters for button bar (of course, same in formatting bar)

      How to replicate
      Go to layout mode, make a button bar, select it after completing definition, then see "Appearance" tab in inspector


      Select each button bar segment.

      I want to set them in button bar as default value of segments in the button bar.

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          Thank you for your post.


          When you simply click on a Button Bar it defaults you to the "Button Bar" part, when the options for modifying Text and the Paragraph parameters are on the "Button Bar Segments" part.


          The Parts are as follows:

          • Button bar
          • Button bar dividers (the lines between the segments of a button bar)
          • Button bar segments
          • Button bar icon

          The Button Bar Segment is the part that handles the color of the Button Bar and the font the Button Bar uses. With any object, the different parts handle different portions of the object. You may find more information on the Button Bar in Knowledge Base Article 14410.


          Does this make sense or do you have more information that supports this to be an issue?



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Thanks for reply.


            I'm not experienced with button bar yet, but I think in most case all button bar segments in a button bar have same text formatting. Is there any way to set same style to all segments, without selecting each segment?


            Hmm, I tried it again after wrote above just now, changing font size in a button bar segment is applied to other segments in same button bar. This is not same behavior as I saw before wrote this issue. I should check whether I can reproduce it.

            I think this is expected behavior, since the style is "default" so changing the style should be applied to all objects having same style.


            But this is not good UI, since I am selecting an object, in other tab of inspector "position" I see the name of object there, so I expect I am changing properties of the object. This is other thing than the issue I posted here, so I will post it if I don't want this after getting more experience in button bar and inspector...


            I think it would be better that some default styles can be defined in parent object. If I can set font in button bar, it will be applied to button bar segments in the bar as default. This is CascadingSS.