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    Auto enter date


      I have several fields, among those are Name, Amount & Date.

      Whenever a member pays whatever amount at the "Amount" field, I would like the "Date" field auto enter current date.

      How do I create this in FM 14...?

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          A quick way would be to option the date field to time stamp the field whenever the record is modified. If you don't want that, then a trigger script can be used to trigger every time the 'amount " is modified. The script should go like this:

          Set Field[Date field}; Get(currentDate)] and the trigger should be set at field Modification, Save or Exit.

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            You can create an auto-enter calculation within you date field.

            Set it to always update ( uncheck "Do not replace existing value..."


            The trick is to write a calculation that references your trigger field:

            Let (

                 trigger = Amount ;

                 Get ( CurrentDate )



            Whenever the Amount field will get updated, the Date field will update as well because it has a reference to the Amount field.

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              electon's solution is a better one

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                electon & yomango thanks for the support -I used "elections" suggestion -that worked pretty fine for me -once again thank you very much <3