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Server Upgraded to FMS 14 breaks solution... any help appreciated.

Question asked by Hi_Fi_Guy on Dec 26, 2015
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Team of Americans working on an archaeological site in the Mid-East. We built our solution using FMP12 a few years ago. Our university upgraded to FM Pro, Go, & Server 14. When upgrading server a few key pieces of our excavator's field solution broke. All advice appreciated.


Lot Numbers:

Our Archaeological lot numbers are generated using a calculation that combines 2 key pieces of data with a serial number, example: AB15B.00128 This has worked for the past 4 seasons without fail. After upgrading to FMS14 the . in the lot number breaks the solution. The Lot number is saved into the DB but is no longer visible to the Lab scientist checking in the lots on their form... the lot numbers are no longer visible on their forms.


Temp workaround. I discovered that switching the . to a - or other punctuation mark would allow the lot numbers to be seen on the Lab form by those in the lab. This is a temp workaround as the - is scientifically incorrect. We need to figure out why it is not working with the . but will work with any other punctuation we tried. FYI: The . works when running a copy of the DB locally but NOT from FM Server.



Excavator's need to enter their 3 Letter ID on their field lot form to identify themselves as the person in the field logging in that particular lot. In the past we have accomplished this by having them select their ID from a drop-down menu which pulls the list of Excavators from a "Team ID" table. Since upgrading FM Server excavators may have to choose their ID 2 times for it to take effect and even then 25% of our forms are coming back with the excavator field blank. At first I thought it was user error or slow data transfer or something but it seems to be something is actually broken or not working correctly since the server upgrade. I have done test where I see the form accept the excavator's ID and it shows clearly on the form, however if I check the actual cell data in the DB the excavator ID is not there.


I'm maintaining the solution here in the Mid-East and has at my disposal my copy of FM Pro. I helped build the original solution, along with two other developers who I would consider to be far more knowledgable than myself in these matters. Any feedback or help this group could provide would be very much appreciated as I am trying to keep 8 archaeologists working in the field and lab happy and ensure their discoveries are all logged in correctly. I know this post is more of an overview of the problems we are experiencing since the server upgrade. I am happy to answer any questions about the hows and why's of the solution to get to the answer. Everything has worked perfectly until the server upgrade.


One further question about FILTERING LISTS

When using a pull down menu to view a list of items, like lot numbers, on a form. Is there a way to filter the items by creation date? We are on the 4 season here and I'd like to have the lab scientists only see this season's lot numbers so they do not accidentally choose a lot number from previous seasons.


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