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Accessing data on Amazon Redshift via ODBC

Question asked by ceath on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by ceath

We have a client that maintains a fairly large data warehouse on Amazon's Redshift service.  We're now being asked to build a FileMaker solution that will access that data.  We have the FileMaker solution built (hosted on our own FileMaker Server 14 server) and we now need to access the data on Redshift.  Does anyone have experience connecting via ODBC to Redshift?  Is there any documentation on that yet?  We feel like we're close, but the Amazon documentation doesn't know about FileMaker, and the FileMaker ODBC documentation doesn't specifically mention Redshift so we think we're just missing something.


Advice on how to set up FileMaker to access Amazon Redshift via ODBC would be most appreciated.