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    Networking Problem?


      Last week I upgraded my Filemaker Host computer to Windows 10. Now none of the other computers in the network can see the host in Filemaker. I can access files on that host computer through Windows Explorer, but not through the Filemaker sharing TCP program. Is anyone familiar with this issue?

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          Thank you for your post.


          It seems your "Host" is showing up for your "Clients" since upgrading to Windows 10. If you could provide some more information to help understand and narrow down the issue:

          - What are you hosting with? (FileMaker Pro 14.0.4?)

          - Was the software uninstalled and reinstalled after the upgrade? (Could have been damaged during upgrade...)

          - Is Windows 10 up to date?

          - Does turning off the Windows Firewall on your Host allow the Clients to see it?

          - Can you see available files if you add the Host's IP Address as a Favorite Host?


          I look forward to your response.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Windows 10 ugrade does not do a good job of replicating previous firewall settings. Check first: you are still on the same subnet, you still have the proper workgroup name.  To temporarily check the filewall turn it off completely and see if the problem persists.  If not you will need to create settings to let filemaker receive and send through the firewall.

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                Also  if I open the files on a Windows 7 host computer, I can see them

                on that host on two computers with Windows 10, but not the other way.



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                  Still sounds like a firewall problem.  You have control over incoming and outgoing with the firewall.  Most of the time the setting defaults to block if it has not specifically be set otherwise. If you can see the files FROM windows 10 but not ON windows 10, check the settings.  As I said as a quick check turn the firewall off momentarily.

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                    I actually tried that earlier. But I did fix the problem. We recently

                    changed our ISP to a 20 meg fiber line. In setting up the new IP

                    addresses, the "Network" on the FM computer that we wanted to be the

                    host was designated as Public. I changed it to Private and all is good.