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Use the Portal-tool

Question asked by LeoIstuse on Dec 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by sudha

I've got a database with 2 tables: Music and Artist related throught the ArtistID field. With the Portal-tool I can add an artist to the Artist-table (ie: his/her name and instrument). There can be only one artist, but he can have played several musical pieces. So it's a normal one-to-many relationship. On the addition of the next musical piece of this artist, I would like to look him up through the portal in de Artist-table, but FM thinks I want to add this artist again and – of course – that isn't allowed, because ther can be only one and the same artist (person). So it won't work. How do I search an artist in the Artist-table and choose an existing person?

What am I doing wrong, or how do I use an existing record throught the portal-tool?