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    File Maker Server Web Publishing Engine


      My Web Publishing Engine isn't coming back online,


      I came back to the office today, and the server where I have file maker server was at 16gb of ram usage. The web publishing engine was the program taking that much memory


      I had to stop the process, and after i did that, it isn't coming back up from the server client


      How can i get it working again, and is there a log or something that will tell me why it was using so much ram

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          I'd recommend you learn the command line utilities before you go errantly killing a process. For now, if you haven't already you may just want to restart the server after safely closing what you can.



          is the command to restart your web publishing engine via command line.


          As for the log, there's the regular log inside of the server admin console. You can also check your operating system log.


          From what I've dealt with in the past, timed out or poorly disconnected sessions and file downloads via the WPE can cause the RAM pool to fill up. Usually I've been able to restart the WPE via command line, however in extreme cases it has required a restart. Double check your security privileges for WPE connections to make sure you have a valid session timeout set.

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            Thank you Mike, if this happens in the future i will run the command prompt and not immediately end the process, but how can I check what is causing the issue(if there is a way)