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Working with Content Manager starter solution

Question asked by sawhet on Dec 28, 2015
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By way of background: I am a former Bento user who migrated to FM 13..  My primary uses of FM are what I guess are called content management -- basically I'm using it to inventory collections of various sorts for my personal use. I only need or want a desktop solution (not web or FMGo).  I get stuck but am mostly happy with FM -- with the exception of the loss of the simple built-in "grid view" that Bento offered, which was a great attraction to lots of users. Some of my DBs came by way of the Bento migration tool; I also set up one from scratch in FM 13.  But I'd still say I'm a novice user.


I am about to start another collection DB, and have been looking at the Content Manager starter solution, creating a few records to get a feel for it.  It's real attraction for me -- and this is a big one -- is the Thumbnails tab.   This seems to allow thumbnail views that populate a grid in horizontal rows, and that allow clicking for access back to the detail form view.  Heaven!  (And WHY doesn't FM simply automate something so obvious that so many people need and so many developers must be reinventing every day?)    A couple of years ago, I messed around with portals to try to accomplish the same thing, following wonderfully detailed instructions from the inestimable TSGal.  But the portals only ran vertically, and it was hugely complicated.  So I'm motivated to try to make the CM starter work.   Here are some questions:


  • Can anyone tell me if there is a limit to the number of images that can appear in the Thumbnails tab?
  • Using the inspector, I've played around with the design to get rid of those annoying background circles that are part of the Luminous theme. But I'm seeing little icons on some of the layout objects (fields and labels) that  I haven't seen before.  Some are little blue boxes and some look like eyes. What are they?
  • If I have the form view of a record (called "Content Details") open, why don't the View As buttons work?  I can't click to Table view or to List View (tho' I can get a List view by going Layout=>Desktop=>Contents.
  • The CM solution seems to be designed to manage files -- photos, PDFs, music, etc.   My collections are non-digital -- books are an example.  So the container is not holding a text file of a book -- it's holding a representation of the book, a photo of a dustjacket.  Playing around with the solution, I inserted some photos. Just below the container field, the solution shows dimensional metadata for those photos.  I don't care about that. But when I went to Edit Layout, all sorts of metadata is overlaid on the container box, but I couldn't see how to delete that info.......I know this seems stupid.
  • And finally a simple question (I hope!):  Amazingly, the solution doesn't include a serial number field.  Playing around with this, I've already created several new records. Can I add an auto-enter serial field now that will work retroactively to provide unique i.d. numbers for the records I've already created?


I suspect that's more than enough for now!  But your answers will help me figure out if I should continue down this path.........Many thanks!