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Very small typeface in popup

Question asked by Boutsy on Dec 28, 2015


I just bought a microsoft surface (tablet computer with windows 10).

I have installed FMPA 14.04. Now I opened a filemaker application that works perfect on a desktop windows 10 computer, but I get a problem with "small" typefaces and icons. If, for example I create a field with a font of 18 and I link it to a popup, the items in de popup seems to have a fontheight of about 5, which makes it almost unreadable. Normally the items in the popup have the same height as de field it is linked to. As an attachment you can see an example (enlarged). The original field height is 18. Also in Layout mode, the icons to select "text", "popup", etc... are very small.

Does anybody know a solution to this problem?

Thank you,