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Deselect Check Boxes by Triggered Calculation

Question asked by on Dec 28, 2015
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I have a set of relationships:


- When the user relates a COMPANY to a PROJECT, a value list of related BUILDINGS is automatically generated. 

- When the user then selects relevant BUILDINGS for the PROJECT, then a complete value list of ROOMS is automatically generated.




- If the user selects check boxes for Building A and Building B;

- And the selects an assortment of check boxes for Rooms;

- But then decides to "Deselect" the check box for Building A;

- The Rooms Value List automatically removes the "Building A" Room choices from the Value List.




- The previously made choices for  <Building A | 1 | CEO's Office>, <Building A | 1 | VP Sales>, and <Building A | Gound | Reception> remain "entered" in the field, which they should not, since Building A has been deslected and therefore, those rooms are no longer relevant.


I know I can set a script trigger to automatically set_field the project_room_CHOOSER field to "", but that means the user has to redo all of the selections.


Can anyone provide advice about a script that ONLY deselects any checkboxes <ROOMS> related to a deactivated radio button for <BUILDINGS>?


Thanks so much for any help!


See screenshots...