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Help with using a find request with a variable

Question asked by ElpicFayl on Dec 28, 2015
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I am having real difficulties with one of my scripts.

I am trying to find if a variable can be found in a specific field of my layout, specifically some sort of login script with no security by now, I just need to have a boolean returned but find script keeps returning an error 401.

I know there's a problem with my perform find but I can't find where.

Here is a part of the script:


Set Variable [$$Log Value: ""]

(...empty fields check...)

Set Variable [$$Log; Value : GetField (GLOBAL::g_log)]

Enter Find Mode []

Set Error Capture [On]

Perform Find [Restore] (where my find request is Find Records RSP::log :[ == $$Log])

If [Get (LastError)]

   Show Custom Dialog ["Error";"Error"]

   Enter Browse Mode []

   Exit Script []


   Enter Browse Mode[]

   GotoLayout ["_RSP Interface" (RSP2)]

End If



I tried using directly my global field or using directly a word that I know who is in my field, but to no avail, if someone can point me where I made an error, I'll be really thankfull