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Displaying two types of products in two different portals in the same layout

Question asked by ElpicFayl on Dec 29, 2015
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I am some difficulties in displaying two portal in the same layout.

Some context first i have two different type of products and want to display them in the same portal.

I made a Type Table and a Product Table.

The Product Table has a relationship with the Type one through a fk named id_Typ

So I made I layout based on the Type Table with two portals which are displaying a view of the Product Table.

Actually there is no rules of display but the portals seem to display only the products from on Type on random.

I know that Context is key in FM, but I can't manage to find the right Context here.

I already tried to change the table the layout is based on to the Product table but I only managed to have nothing displayed so far.

If anyone has an idea what I missed or what is wrong with my reasoning, I'll be eager to read it.

Thanks in advance!