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is it possible to restrict user(s) to his/her record(s) via script?

Question asked by isamudysan on Dec 29, 2015
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FMP solution: attendance tracking

what i'm trying to accomplish: when a user logs in, s/he is taken directly to his/her createe attendance record(s) after clicking on the attendance button. this needs to be applied for two users: line lead and trainer of multiple departments.


will it be possible to script something that can achieve what i'm trying to accomplish here?  i'm going to guess that a script will involve entering find mode and performing a find, yes?


ok. the attendance tracking is nearly complete; and, this is one feature that i was thinking long before it was brought up to me to include in this tracking solution: how can we keep other leads and trainers from accessing other leads and trainer's attendance tracking?  each lead and his/her trainer should only be able to access their own attendance records, and not others.


i followed Guy Stevens' attendance video from udemy, and am using a similar setup for this attendance solution. in Guy's attendance video, he had an attendance layout (from the attendance table) with a portal to a table called attendancedetails -- which keeps track of students (employees in my case) and their status of present, absent, late, and sick -- for me it's work hours. in the attendance layout i have only these 3 fields as seen below -- creation date field, department name field, and lead's name field (which is a looked-up value under Options):


would it be possible to use either the department name or lead's name in a script step to direct the user to his/her attendance records?


thanks all, and i appreciate all replies and thoughts.