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FileMaker WebDirect Script Triggers Only Once

Question asked by MJMWeb on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by MJMWeb

I have two layouts, Resources and Affiliates. Resources has a sub-summary and thus needs to be sorted as soon as the user enters the view. On FileMaker Pro, this isn't an issue. I can switch back and forth to it innumerable times from other layouts and the data displays just fine. However on WebDirect the script will only fire upon entering the view for the first time. If I switch to another layout and back again the sorting script doesn't fire. I've tried attaching it to OnEnterLayout and OnRecordLoad but the same thing happens each time. It's a simple script:


1 Show All Records

2 Sort Records by Field [Ascending;Resources::techName]


I know WebDirect has issues with scripting, but that shouldn't affect this kind of script as it has nothing to do with committing records.