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    Cannot Access Admin Console v14 after Upgrade


      I found a support article but it doesn't solve my problem:

      Connecting to the FileMaker Server Admin Console Troubleshooting | FileMaker


      Can't find FileMaker Support email to contact (we have a maintenance contract) so if someone has a link for that would be great.


      Before I did the upgrade from v13 to v14 I logged into the admin console via Safari (on a remote machine, not on server) to disable the database server.  So I know its not a firewall issue unless there are new ports v14 uses the need to be opened.  This is the error message I get when I use Firefox.  I get the same error for Safari:


      Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 11.21.18 AM.png



      Anyone have any suggestions?

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          It says "secure connection failed", so are you sure you have port 443 open to the filemaker server?


          What happens when you try to access it ON your server using localhost:16001/admin-console/.

          Does that work?


          If so, then it IS your firewall not letting the traffic through. If the above localhost link run locally on the server doesn't work, then something else might be happening.