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Content Manager starter:  How do you delete metadata from the layout?

Question asked by sawhet on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by jormond

I'm trying to adapt the Content Manager starter solution in FM 13.  I'm completely flummoxed by the metadata that appears under the container field (shown in the first photo).


This metadata is related to images I've pulled off the web and is completely irrelevant to my purposes. The problem is that, when I go into Layout mode, I can't find an object under the container that I might delete.  All the possible metadata for various file types in the starter solution are shown in a box (is this a slide panel?) that was overlaid on the container.  I pulled it to one side (second photo below), but it does not allow me to modify any of the individual fields.  (I was thinking I might just delete the photo-related fields.)  Any ideas?