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    Hosted files on server / missing records in backups?


      Since FMS 12 to FMS 14 I have random data losses when updating a solution with exported records from Backups. A hosted file contains for example 10.000 records, opening the backup file also shows 10.000 records - but I can only move up to record 8.235 and only export 8.235. Exporting from the host will export all 10.000 records and display each record beyond 8.235. The backups are "checked" and the server reports no error.


      Repairing the backup-file will solve that - the repaired file works fine.


      Making a clone, importing all data in the clone solved all kind of internal problems in the past, but in this case it still leads again to the error weeks or months later.


      Any idea what might happen and how to check that? Im am working mainly with OS-X for the server and keep fms and os-x up to date - with a secure delay ... It happens in different configurations with different customers - FMS 12 to 14, OS-X 10.9 to 10.11.

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          Are your backups full backups? EG you aren't using incremental backups?


          My next worry would be corrupted records. In the backup file when you open it up and scroll through those 10,000 records, are you seeing any "?" values in any fields at all?


          What happens when you export to different formats? EG export to a CSV and look at it in pages or excel, does anything towards the end look "off"?


          I'm also concerned from hearing that you've been doing many random exports/imports. It's hard to say but you could have propagated corruption into your files from exporting and importing fragmented records over and over again. In a worst-case scenario, you may need to rebuild your entire file to get rid of all symptoms. You might want to send your file to a corruption expert like winfried huslik to see if they have any suggestions.

          Testing and Repairing Your Damaged FileMaker® Pro Files

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            Agree with Mike B: Something is causing the data corruption. And you should be hunting that down and fixing it (assuming you like your data).


            Are there any processes on the server that are touching the hosted databases? Backup utilities, virus scans, manual copy / paste?


            Have you been experiencing a lot of network issues - connections being dropped, that sort of thing? What about people force-quitting FileMaker?

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              The backups are full backups. There are no "?" in the fields, one just can not browse beyond record n.


              I did not try to export to any other format because FM stops exporting at that point, so I do not think there is a different behavior with other formats, but I will take a look.


              I use the procedure to develop on the file and finally import the actual data into it. The fm-format is for me the best way to make sure that all kind of data (text, numbers, container ...) remain unchanged during the ex-/import.


              I use FM-Diff and shall test for damaged files, but I see no item/entry for that in the reports, but it is a good idea to ask Winfried.

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                Still be aware, that the "life" file works as expected! The error is only found in backup-files.


                I also thought of "something" happening on the server. Often Time Machine is running and/or Retrospect.


                Network problems are not an issue, only one customer is using FMGo regularly and that sure causes some disrupted connections. But FMS should handle that.

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                  We have had trouble with IT running various utilities on the backup files as well. I’m not sure what Retrospect does (how it operates), but I would double-check the directories and try excluding the FileMaker backup directory from there as well.


                  I haven’t seen any issues with Time Machine.