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FileMaker Go: Weird problem with Substitute( ) function:

Question asked by chebfarid on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by BeatriceBeaubien

FMPA 13 on OS X and FM Go 12.0.8 on iPad Air.

In a small HTML parsing routine I'm using the following calculation:

Substitute ( $html_bookInfo ; "<span dir=ltr>" ; Char ( 13 ) )

(the $var contains part of the source code of an html page)

A second function then deletes all the HTML tags.

This gives in FMPA the expected result, a list of CR separated text pieces which I continue using as a value list in an other script :


Il grande male

Volume 637 di Biblioteca Adelphi


Georges Simenon

tradotto da

B. Bertoni


Adelphi, 2015


8845929868, 9788845929861


147 pagine


For completely unknown reason however the substitution of the search-string does not execute on the iPad with FM Go, th result is always a long string without line breaks like this (after the elimination of the html tags)

TitoloIl grande maleVolume 637 di Biblioteca AdelphiAutoreGeorges Simenontradotto daB. BertoniEditoreAdelphi, 2015ISBN8845929868, 9788845929861Lunghezza147 pagine

Obviously I have already used also the classic CR-placeholder instead of char(13), the result is always the same.

I have spent a whole day with this problem but I won't get out of it - I tested various substitutions on the iPad and they all worked fine but FM Go won't work with my source text.

Here an example of the text saved in $html_bookInfo:

<td class="metadata_label">Titolo</td><td class="metadata_value">

Il grande male</span><br><a class="primary" href=""><i>

Volume 637 di Biblioteca Adelphi</span></i></a></td></tr><tr class="metadata_row"><td class="metadata_label">

Autore ...


As you see It's plain simple html code, I really don't understand why the Substitute( ) function of FMGo won't work with it.

Every hint is highly appreciated,

Happy New Year from Milano