Merging/Concatenating multiple records in one field

Discussion created by happyez on Dec 29, 2015
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Hi everyone


I seem to be stuck. I am trying to get a number of records in one field to concatenate as one long line of text.


Most seem to say " use List (x field)". My list is a list of months, and I have out of 12 records, two records (Jan and Feb) that I want to show on a line of text ("Jan Feb")


But its not working for me. All it does it tell me the month it is on, if I use my Data Viewer and put this List calculation into it.

I even use the   substitute ( List (x field) "¶" ; " " )  calculation, but I dont get "Jan Feb Mar Apr" etc, but just "Jan". To me, it would say List doesnt work if you want multiple records combined into one, but seems to work if you have one record from multiple fields combined into one.


I dont understand what I am missing. Any thoughts?