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Automatically populate a foreign key field with a related table's primary key field

Question asked by sharton on Dec 30, 2015
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I am very new to FileMaker, and am creating my new database. I took the "Basics" course, and am now creating my first solution from scratch. Most importantly, I want to ensure my tables and relationships are setup appropriately. My issue right now is that I have created a one-to-many relationship between 2 tables (Accounts and Contacts); and cannot seem to get the foreign key field in the Contacts table to populate with the primary key field from the Accounts table. In this specific case... I am trying to do the following:


  • When I create a new Contact, and then select which Account the said contact belongs to (from a Value List on the Account field), I simply want that Contact to be linked to that Account. This way, when I view a specific Account, I can see all the Contacts tied to this Account via a portal. I currently have an Account Table with only 3 records (1 for each account, each with a unique ID), and then a Contact list with about 20 records where I'd like each contact to be tied to one of those 3 Accounts. Does this make sense? Maybe I am over complicating it?


Thank you a great deal for any help in advance, there is no question FileMaker is a program with limitless functionality, the light bulb just hasn't turned on yet!