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    Accessing Filemaker 11 Server xDBC from Filemaker 14


      We are moving our Filemaker system from Filemaker 11 to Filemaker 14. We have many databases hosted on our Filemaker 11 server.


      My goal has been to cease new development in Filemaker 11 and to slowly port the databases from 11 to 14. This will prevent having to deal with all the user upgrade issues at the same time.


      One thing I am trying to do to facilitate this is to access live FMS11 data from FMP14. You can't do this as an External Filemaker Data Source since they are not compatible So, I have enabled ODBC successfully on a database on the FM 11 server.


      I installed FMP 14 Advanced and the Filemaker 14 xDBC driver on a separate Windows computer. When I ran the administrative tool 'Data Sources (ODBC)' on the client computer, I was able to create a data source using the Filemaker ODBC driver and successfully connect to the database.


      I can then add the DSN as an External Data Source in a FMP 14 database on the client computer.


      However, when I try to add a table from the External Data Source on the Relationship Graph, I get an error dialog box which says:

        "The ODBC data source you have selected is not supported."


      After seeing this problem on a Windows client, I did the same thing on a Macintosh (using ODBC Manager from Actual Technologies to create the Data Source), with the same result.


      My questions:

      1. Is this possible?

      2. Has Filemaker documented the capabilities, or lack thereof, of cross version connection via ODBC?

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          No, you can not use FileMaker as an ESS data source.  You can still use the "import from ODBC data source" and "Execute SQL" script steps to exchange data but it will not be live as with an ESS source.


          You could of course use an intermediate MySQL database and have both databases work with that but even then there would be a sync delay.


          You may want to reconsider and do the go-live in one painful step...

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            Wim is correct. You can't do ESS for FileMaker data sources.


            We are in the middle of doing a similar upgrade process. We generally do one solution (however many files) all at once, then move to the next one. If you have one file that's used as a data source by multiple solutions, you can duplicate it in .fmp12 format and just keep those two files synchronized via ODBC or scripted import / export to a supported format (XML, CSV, etc.).