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Problems with set field script step

Question asked by mjbenun on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by mjbenun

New to Filemaker and I have an issue that I cannot resolve.


I have 2 tables-LineItems and PO, one to many. 


I am trying to use set field to set the primary key value LineItems:LineItemsIDpk into the PO: LineItemsIDfk foreign key field.


The script is set up to go to the PO layout and insert the primary value into the foreign key field. Layout switches over and then nothing happens.


Both fields are set to number, but when I put the primary key in the calculation, the bottom of the calc screen says that the result must be text.  Not sure if that is the source of the problem or not.


Please see screen shot of script below.  Any suggestions of what the issue is would be appreciated.