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    dsBenchmark - Free and Open


      A few months ago Deskspace Systems Limited released dsBenchmark as a free and open source App for the Pause on Error Conference in Berlin in June 2015.


      This App has now been downloaded and used by developers all over the world as the current best available tool to calibrate the load bearing potential of any FileMaker Server deployment.


      As an open source App dsBenchmark illustrates a series of high performance techniques for those developers and in-housers wishing to build App that work fast over cellular networks on mobile devices.


      Enquiries for further help from Deskspace Systems Limited can be addressed to Nick Lightbody.


      As our latest step in bringing this App and these techniques to a wider audience we were very pleased today to release a new version of the dsBenchmark App translated into Chinese, thanks to David at 33 works.




      Da Zhang








      Cheers, Nick

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          Thanks for sharing this, Nick. Did you intend to put it in the Philanthropy area?


          As a free app, I suppose it falls under the pro bono umbrella, but it might get more attention in the general Discussions area. Let me know if you'd like me to move it there.


          Cheers --



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            Agreed! post in other spaces.


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              It will be available in Spanish soon...

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                Hi Mark & Beverly,


                I am very happy to see it posted wherever you feel is best for our community, I am guided by you.


                I thought philanthropy was appropriate merely because that is how we have approached this project, as being for the common good, advancing users knowledge of FileMaker Server by about a decade and providing and giving away the only FMS load testing tool available anywhere at present, in a form that people can take apart and use and improve as they wish.


                That has been a big deal for us to give away so much of our expertise and knowledge but judging by the top name sin developers who have downloaded it from all parts of the globe is appears to be pretty useful, which, for us, makes the 4 months work worthwhile.


                Cheers, Nick


                PS: and thanks to Ibrahim for the offer of the Spanish translation and Big Tom for the offer of the Japanese translation.