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    Deskspace ResponsiveWebBuilder: First Full Public Release


      N O W - A V A I L A B L E

      for OS X, iOS and WINDOWS

      This App is FREE for up to seven web pages and a single user.

      DOWNLOAD the App here http://www.deskspace.com/downloads.html

      We had a need for a fast easy way of creating beautiful responsive web sites, where the textual content was important, and thought we may not be the other people with that requirement.

      The existing methods were time consuming, when editing text, and the resulting sites were slow on mobile devices and often not particularly responsive.

      Responsive web design is not so hard if you use Deskspace ResponsiveWebBuilder.

      It will automatically build a responsive web site that looks and works beautifully on any device and treats your WORDS with love and respect.

      What people are saying...

      "It is very cool. Congratulations on a fantastic job."


      Kevin Frank: FMHacks

      "VERY impressed by the speed of Deskspace' website by @nicklightbody - Never saw such a fast loading website."


      pixi @dotfmp

      Like many other web builders...

      the Deskspace Responsive Web Builder enables you to write and edit your pages and immediately see how your page will appear.

      But you will notice two big differences after comparing the Deskspace Responsive Web Builder with its competitors...

      (1) Deskspace is very fast, both to render what you are doing and to display from your web server on any device, even on mobile over slow cellular networks AND

      (2) your pages automatically look beautiful and very readable on any device however small or large.

      A happy New Year to you all!

      Cheers, Nick

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          Hey Nick,


          As a web developer I understand both the need for this and what your app does. As a filemaker developer it's a bit cloudy as to why this would be useful to me.


          Perhaps you can add a quick blurb to your documentation as to why it was shared with FM Devs?



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            Hey Mike,




            One of our very first users is a perfect example. A FM dev who has developed a system to control his meat packing business in the Republic of Eire.


            He wanted to be able easily and efficiently view all the correct SOP and associated documents within his management system.


            The best route was through a web viewer but how to get all his hundreds of documents into a suitable HTML format for viewing?


            The answer was the Deskspace Responsive Web Builder which he has licensed to create up to 300 web pages and which has enabled him to quickly process all his SOPs and publish them to an internal web site viewed through his management system.




            Our App does what it does very fast and so far as we can see it is currently a unique product which adds another highly cost effective tool to our toolset as FM Devs.


            BTW - you may have also noticed that we have also just released a new version of our free open source dsBenchmark tool in Mandarin Chinese.




            dsBenchmark appears now to be accepted as the best method worldwide of calibrating the load bearing capacity of any FileMaker Server deployment as well as providing full open access to a wide range of high performance techniques for those Devs who want to learn how to build Apps which are fast over cellular on mobile devices.


            Why not give it a try, you may be surprised by its capacity and speed?


            I will happily provide you, and any other FM Devs who are interested, with a free reviewer license to give you access to the pro and dev Uis so you can see exactly how the css is handled and make your own changes.


            A happy new year to you!


            Cheers, Nick

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              Thanks for clarifying Nick. Hopefully people find that value for their needs as well.


              Having written quite a few front ends in bootstrap myself, I can see you put a lot of work into it.

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                I believe Nick is referring to me.

                Yes I have developed a system which we use to control, monitor and verify our processes as well as provide full audit and traceability throughout the processes and into the retail supply chain. It is an ever evolving system and the more we use it, the more we want to and find we are able to control with it.


                Internal documentation such as standard operation procedures (SOP's), operational documents (OD's)  Quality manuals and other business critical documents were always paper based and filed in various folders. These documents have evolved over many years and their accessibility and inter connectivity was becoming cumbersome and difficult to manage and follow.


                I had toyed with the idea of publishing them to web based system with hyperlinks between inter related documents and the process but to be honest I lacked any html experience. I read Nick's post in this forum a month or so ago about rwApp and it looked promising.

                I downloaded the pre-release trial and set about transferring our documents (mainly MSWord) into rwApp.


                My ultimate goal was to have any of the SOP or OD documentation available to the users through a web browser or even directly within FMGo on the iOS devices on the factory floor . 

                I have found it pretty straight forward to strip a word document of it's formatting and place the remaining text into rwApp and generate perfectly acceptable and more importantly readable and easily accessible html based system from within filemaker and even nicer integration with FMGo.


                It looks very promising, I know I'm only scratching the surface of what rwApp is capable of, but from my perspective I have basically been able to do this without any html coding knowledge.


                rwApp is an excellent tool and the fact that it is Filemaker based possibly opens further integration into the future as it develops.

                Many of you have various programming languages and skill sets you call upon in your Filemaker development, I don't, I am still learning every time I develop in filemaker and tools such as rwApp make that a little easier.


                Thanks for all your help Nick and I wish you much success with rwApp.

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                  Indeed yes, I was referring to Eoin and very many thanks to him for both his description of his integration of our Responsive Web Builder (rwApp) into his business and his appreciative comments.


                  We have worked hard on both performance and simplicity of operation.


                  This App provides a service currently unavailable anywhere else, outside or inside the FileMaker world.


                  If you want your / clients' website content and especially the words to be:


                  Easily edited,

                  Displayed very fast and

                  Nicely readable on

                  Any device


                  then take a close look at the Deskspace Responsive Web Builder.


                  Mike mentions Bootstrap and it is worth noting the key difference between our App and anything constructed with Bootstrap.


                  Responsive Web Builder doesn't use Bootstrap whatsoever, we wrote our own mobile first css from scratch, using Stephen Hay's approach, and in consequence Responsive Web Builder sites are much faster than any Bootstrap based site.


                  This is easy to check on the Google Page Speed Insight tool or the Dev Tools in your browser.


                  Cheers and Best wishes from Sussex  for a great 2016,



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                    It is good to see the public version out now. It is a tool that has a specific use and it is good at what it does.

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                      Thank you for your validation on this, much appreciated.


                      Cheers, Nick