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How do you hide a portal from a layout?

Question asked by happyez on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by happyez

Hi all


I've had a look around, but no one has answered this question for FM14 - or at least when you could "hide object when" in the Inspector.


I have a large set if records to show in a portal, and for layout reasons, I have split them into two different portals, first portal starting from Record 1, the second portal from Record 2.

Sometimes the second portal will have no records (that is, only showing 21 records or less).


I have clicked onto the portal object (call the not needed portal "X"), and clicked into the "hide object when" area. I tried

IsEmpty ( Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber ) = 22 )

as, if I just did IsEmpty (field), it probably looked to see if the field was filled in any way, which is it from records 1>21

I tried IsEmpty ( Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName ) = "Portal2" ), but it still hasnt disappeared that portal from view.


Any ideas on what I can do? Sure there is a direct way through "hide object when" ...


Thanks all