Improving my script for updating a file on Filemaker Go

Discussion created by madmike6537 on Dec 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by Mike_Mitchell

Hi All,


I have a makeshift script that allows my users to update to a new version of the solution when its released. Whenever they login, it checks for a newer version and prompts them to update if there is one. I am looking for a way to improve it, because there is one major problem.


After the user agrees to download the new version, right before the download starts, I have the script delete the existing file. The problem of course is that if the download is cancelled, or fails for any reason, they are left with no file at all. This happens quite frequently actually because the file is quite large (another issue I am trying to work on).


I am seeking any advice on how I can keep their old file on the device before updating to the new file. I am trying to avoid having a version number in the name of the file, because then I cant have a custom icon to launch the solution, since it has to know the name of the file to work. But if I have to resort to that, I can. Here is what I have at the point in which the download happens.