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Radio Buttons

Question asked by yiningw on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by thurmes

How exactly do you get radio buttons to work? Say I have a list of records with one of the fields saying "A" or "B". How do you create a button that performs find according to whether that field says include A or B?

Also, is there a way to perform a hierarchy of finds from these radio buttons? I.e. after choosing field A, within that find I also want to find from another field the A's from today / yesterday / last week.


Right now I'm using one separate radio for each option (one button for field A/B, A, another button for field A/B, B). This kind of works but once I want to start finding A's from today it won't save the search. (it shows all records from today / yesterday / last week, rather than the A records from today)