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    Word 2016 Mail-merge question



      Am I the only person experiencing difficulties with mail-merge in Word for Mac 2016? I create a new document then use the Mailings / Select Recipients / FileMaker Pro… button and browse to the FMP source document. All OK so far but, following selecting the source database document in the dialog box, I get the usual Word 'Convert File' link - with no FMP option available.


      Is it me? Or is this feature still incomplete?



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          From what I recall, microsoft never updated any version of office to be compatible with .fmp12 files for it's data wizard. It only imports ancient .fp7 files.


          The normal process for merging data from filemaker that I've always used has been a scripted export from filemaker as a .mer format merge file, then using that .mer file as the merge source in word.


          It may be an extra step over what you're used to, but you're also not at the mercy of microsoft dragging their feet to support the latest from filemaker. I don't want to speculate, but I doubt microsoft is in any hurry to support it.


          Another option would be to use a plugin like 360works scribe, and merge data from filemaker itself into a word template, rather than doing the merge in word.

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            Thanks, Mike. I'm still using FMP 11, however, which saves a .fp7 files. These do import quite into MS Word for Mac 2011 - although I do recall some initial failings on this - but, as described earlier, do not import into the 2016 version.


            It's not a biggie, however, as I can either export as csv or try out your suggested .mer file solution. The reason I raised the issue is that I am a teacher and as part of my students practical exams, they are expected to be able to demonstrate their ability to perform mail-merge. Previously, it was very straightforward and could be done directly from FMP. The lack of a direct connection in MSW 2016 just adds a further level of complexity. But, hey-ho, that's progress Microsoft style.


            Thanks again.

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              Yeah I'm still using office 2011 based on some recommendations from other tech teams for it's mac issues. .mer is the way to go, a format specifically designed for merging.

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                Probably a stupid question Mike, but is it possible to replicate the export/mail merge capabilities of Scribe360 via a script? I imagine if so, there wouldn't be such a plugin. Thanks.

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                  Hi oldgit, I'm struggling with a similar issue. My students have to demonstrate a dynamic update between 2 different applications. We design a database in Filemaker and then need to merge the data with a word processing application. Last year we used the .mer option. It worked but really wasn't truly dynamic. It would be great to find a way to do this.