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Do Global fields work from Popovers in Web Direct?

Question asked by hankshrier on Jan 1, 2016

My application makes extensive use of Global fields for scripted finds and scripted edits. What is strange is that global fields on Popovers work in Web Direct. However, when I try to enter information into fields on the same popover with the same relationship, I can't enter information.
since this works flawlessly with both FileMaker GO and FileMaker Pro, I'm at a loss as to WHY this is intermittent.
I also created a table with actual fields. The script I wrote creates a record in the Search Fields table, allows for entry into the requests, executes the requests, and then deletes the record in the Search Table.  I've enabled "Allow Records to be Created" in the Search Table.
I'm looking for definitive answers, not speculation.


As an aside, my files are being hosted by FMPHost.  They continue to offer EXCELLENT customer service. They return calls, speak English, and make things work. 


Thanks to the first rate FileMaker community for your help. Happy 2016.