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Force a Button Bar segment to Active state via script step

Question asked by Jesse_Wright on Jan 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by golife

I'd like to force a Button Bar segment to Active state via script step, say after I use Go to Object to move the user to a slide/tab.


If they are on the layout, they would use the Button Bar to navigate the tab/slide control (via Go to Object). No problem when the user manually clicks the button, the active state changes to show the segment as "pressed". 


However if I navigate from another layout via script and put the user into a specific tab/slide, the default Active Segment remains "pressed", where I would like the user to see that the segment "pressed" represents the tab/slide they are in, so it is visibly active on the layout instead of the default segment. 


I have tried Go to Object to select the segment after I have the user in the layout and have the specific tab/slide active, but it does not set the segment to active. It selects the segment and is visibly highlighted as selected. I can't figure out how to force it Active, not selected.


I'd like to avoid doing something like hiding a duplicate Button Bar with the Segment I want active, setting a flag field to hide one bar to make the other visible when that Nav script is used (and clear the flag OnLayoutExit ).  Seems like a bit of a hack job to do something simple, but that was the first thing that came to mind.  Thought I ask here before proceeding.


Thanks in advance!