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    Save as Pdf Issue




      Please see the attached screen shot.


      Some part of documents show as blank when i save as pdf from FileMaker Pro 14.

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          Check "Part Definition" on your layout parts. Make sure you do not have "Page break"  before or after checked on the first or second part.

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            Yeah, I did this thing but still facing the same issue.


            Please check the issue screen shot.pdf issue.jpg

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              nt_saurabh wrote:

              Yeah, I did this thing but still facing the same issue.

              not really, the original question was blank space, now you are asking why you are getting an error.


              Start by opening the same pdf on a different computer and see if you get the same error.

              Next step would be to check if you every pdf saved from FIleMaker generate an error.


              There could be a number of issues, e.g. problem with fonts.


              Try to duplicate the layout and remove all objects from a part, one a time to see which part generates the error. When you determine the part, start deleting (or add) objects one at a time and see which object creates a problem.


              Alternatively, make a sample file where you can recreate the problem and post it here.



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                I do confirm that we have a serious issue with the "Save as PDF" script step.

                And it's not a font or a corrupted layout.


                In our solution, the invoice is "Saving as PDF"  correctly in FMPAdv V13.xx

                When using FMPAdv 14.xx the PDF is not generated correctly. ( PDF only showing part of the invoice )


                More over, when using the OSX "Save as PDF" feature  with FMPAdv 14, the PDF invoice is generated correctly.

                This is the case with OSX 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11. Tested on Four different computers.

                Not tested on Windows.


                It looks like it's a related table on the layout that is causing the problem, or when a fixed objet that needs to be resized.

                But not sure.

                Anyway it's broken in FMP 14, ....


                Hope FM will find this one.

                We need to revert our customer to FM13 in the meantime .....

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                  I cannot roll back to FM13. I need some solution of this issue.

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                    I have found out that the problem was with empty portal that do not resize correctly.

                    My workaround was to use the HideObject function on the portal.


                    When the portal is empty ( No related record ) it will them disappear from the layout and the PDF is generated with no error, even in complex layout.


                    Hope it will do it for you