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Locating Layout Objects and Identifying Object Types

Question asked by googull on Jan 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2016 by wimdecorte

Hello - I am new here and to FMP working with v 14 on Mac and struggling to acclimate myself to the developer interface/tools.   After reviewing scripts generated by the FM templates I am finding references to layout objects that proved extremely time consuming to locate.  I searched through tab controls, slider controls, many of which are overlapping and hidden/locked, etc.  Having to click on each object to pull up its name (if any) in the Inspector/position panel is proving time consuming and frustrating and then to double click it (often inadvertently nudging) just to identify what type of object it is.  I finally had to run a developer report, search by object name to locate it then the window pixel locations for the layout of interest then return to the layout and go digging - There must be a more developer friendly method.

So to be specific:


1. When I click on an object to see its name in the Info/Position/Name panel - is there any way other than to open it (dbl click) to quickly view what type it is?   I notice when I hold the click down the rulers light up the location of the object nicely - just not seeing a quick way to view its type in the Info panel, the status bar, or the developer bar below the status bar.  I am hoping I have missed something.


2. Is there a tool, inherent or 3rd party, that will dynamically itemize all the objects (by name) on a layout and even better also navigate focus to a selected object?  ( I realize that with enough digging I can find everything in the snapshot design report).