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ICD10 Code Picker And Nested Portals

Question asked by SteveFransen on Jan 3, 2016
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I'm working on a medical record solution:

Encounter ---< Problem ---< DiagnosisStatus >--- DiagnosisCode (ICD10 codes)


Encounters are patient visits.

Problems are a list of clinical problems associated with each Encounter.

DiagnosisCodes are the ICD10 codes that describe each Problem (many to many).

DiagnosisStatus' describe whether the diagnosis described by each DiagnosisCode is resolved, resolving, worsening, etc. for this Problem.

DiagnosisStatus also serves as as join table to support the many to many relationship between Problem and DiagnosisCode.


Conceptually I'd have an Encounter layout with a Problem portal, with a DiagnosisStatus portal on each portal row of the Problem portal, with a popover on each portal row of the DiagnosisStatus portal, with a DiagnosisCode portal on the popover from which to pick a DiagnosisCode.


However, that's not an option since portals can't contain portals.


I've looked through a number of questions about pickers but can't find exactly what I need and would appreciate some advice.


Performance is a another major issue since there are almost 100,000 ICD10 code records in the DiagnosisCode table.