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    Repeated field data entry


      - Forgive me for not explaining this in the technically correct term .. I'm not a power user. I use Fmaker to bid work for the business I'm in and each record has a number of task fields (around 20) that I put a differing number of days against (these field types are set as a number entry) ... in order to produce a final quote since each task field has it's on daily rate applied as a separate field. I have a new project with near on 500 records required each with around 15 repetitive sets of tasks. To quicken this I was wondering if I could devise a series of buttons that will auto fill the task fields  that could be set to auto fill them out when I click the specific button of choice. I hope you are all following me .. Any help would be gratefully received. Am open to ideas! ... thanks

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          Yes, those scripts would be easy to make.


          You're looking for the "Set Field" script step. Inside the dialog for that step, there are options to specify which field to set, which repetition to set, and what value to use when setting the field.


          You can use multiple "set field" script steps in a single script created in the script workspace, and then you can create a button on your layout, specifying that it should run a selected script.


          This is basic filemaker development, and I'd highly encourage taking a training course if you want to accomplish all the development on your own without frustration.

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            Not 100% following but you could do this if it fits.  This pseudocode assumes the data all resides in the same table.


            SetVariable($Control; Get ( ScriptParameter ))

            If $Control = 1

                 SetField (Task1;"Something")

                 SetField (Task2;"Something Else")

                 SetField (Task3;Get(CurrentDate))

                 SetField (Task4;Rate1)

            ElseIf $Control = 2

                 SetField (Task1;"Not Something")

                 SetField (Task2;"Up")

                 SetField (Task3;Get(CurrentDate) + 14)

                 SetField (Task4;Rate2

            ElseIf $Control = 3




            You then create your buttons, attach the same script to each one and assign the Optional Script Parameter per button to get into the correct branch of the script logic.




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              Thank you so much Mike - I figured it out!... Easy when you know how huh! ... yes I do need to do a course.


              thanks again for the pointer though.