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Repeated field data entry

Question asked by clare@milk on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by clare@milk

- Forgive me for not explaining this in the technically correct term .. I'm not a power user. I use Fmaker to bid work for the business I'm in and each record has a number of task fields (around 20) that I put a differing number of days against (these field types are set as a number entry) ... in order to produce a final quote since each task field has it's on daily rate applied as a separate field. I have a new project with near on 500 records required each with around 15 repetitive sets of tasks. To quicken this I was wondering if I could devise a series of buttons that will auto fill the task fields  that could be set to auto fill them out when I click the specific button of choice. I hope you are all following me .. Any help would be gratefully received. Am open to ideas! ... thanks