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How to remove hidden spaces or characters

Question asked by fmckinnon on Jan 3, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2016 by keywords

Hey Gang,

Happy New Year . I've searched the forums here and found some potential solutions back in 2011, but hoping there is an easier way by now.  We have an ongoing issue where data we are uploading into FM is creating new records, instead of matching against existing records, because of hidden characters, like spaces at the end of our field.


The easy solution:  when our staff enters a PO# in the PO field, they shouldn't paste in an extra space.   Yeah, well, they are entering hundreds of orders, copying and pasting out of our ticket system .. and it just happens. 


Is there some way to validate a field using data validation that strips any extra space, or even validates it and warns if it exists?



One of our staff enters a record for a new sales order with PO# 345678 .   (note the space at the end, added in FM, but not intended to be there).  It's hard to notice - very hard, if you put your mouse in the cursor, you can see it, but easy to overlook.


Then, a week later, we upload our UPS or FedEx bill with the setting to match PO# and insert the shipping charge into the shipping field.   Instead of PO# 345678 seeing the existing record and simply adding the shipping charge, it creates a new record since the space prevented it from being recognized.


I'm on FMPro 11 but would upgrade immediately if there is some type of validation in future versions that would resolve this.


Thanks a ton!