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SSL Certificate not working after upgrading to FM 14

Question asked by JordanMcCarthy_1 on Jan 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by jormond

Hello Everyone


I'm hoping this is a quick fix kind of question.

I have gone through the process of upgrading my FM 13 server to v14.

Everything went very smoothly expect for my certificate.  I have a thawte certificate which worked under v13 but does not work after the upgrade. My webdirect will not load at all and I have the broken icon in the bottom left corner when using FM client.

Inside the directory from thawte i have two files a "crossRootCA.crt" and a IntermediateCA.crt" - are these the files the "Import Certificate.." button asks for after selected?  If so where do I find the "Private Key Password"?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated