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How can I select certain records to be printed from a list view layout?

Question asked by xjab on Jan 2, 2016
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Hi all-

I'm relatively new to Filemaker - I've gotten pretty good at laying out flat file and fairly simple relational databases. A few years ago I was proficient at programming in PHP and MySQL so I got good at using variables to pass information back and forth between the front end user and the database. This is one of the things that's stumping me as a filemaker novice-I'm not always sure how the data is being passed back and forth. I'm saying this so maybe you'll go easy on me if I'm asking something totally straightforward!

My issue at hand: I have a "renovation" database that has a list of addresses and within each address several fields that are formatted to print a "work order" for each address. I have no problem printing these "work order" s one at a time BUT what I'm trying to do is print a range of "work orders" that have been selected in a List View of  all the records. Can I have a checkbox on each record in List View called "PRINT" then check say 4 or 5 boxes and have a script that will turn the checked records into a found set that I can print?

Thanks much!