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    New Record with first Field or Object


      Good day, everyone.


      Could you help me with this?


      I used Tab Control to create a form to enter customers' data.


      Tab 1: Info. Fields: Name, Phone Number...

      Tab 2: Order. Fields: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner...

      Tab 3: Payment. Fields: Cash, Card, Check...

      After entering fields in the tab Order, and click on New Record, I want the new record start at the tab Info, not where I finished.


      I've tried using script like:

      New Record/Request

      Go to Object ["First Tab"]


      First Tab is the name of my first field in the Info tab.


      But it doesn't work for me. It always starts at the tab I used before. For example, if I was at tab Order, the new record will start at Order, if I was at Payment, the new record will start at Payment.


      How can I start a new record at the first field/tab of my form? In this case, the first field of tab Info.


      Thank you so much for any tips or suggestions.