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New Record with first Field or Object

Question asked by VietSeonca on Jan 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by VietSeonca

Good day, everyone.


Could you help me with this?


I used Tab Control to create a form to enter customers' data.


Tab 1: Info. Fields: Name, Phone Number...

Tab 2: Order. Fields: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner...

Tab 3: Payment. Fields: Cash, Card, Check...

After entering fields in the tab Order, and click on New Record, I want the new record start at the tab Info, not where I finished.


I've tried using script like:

New Record/Request

Go to Object ["First Tab"]


First Tab is the name of my first field in the Info tab.


But it doesn't work for me. It always starts at the tab I used before. For example, if I was at tab Order, the new record will start at Order, if I was at Payment, the new record will start at Payment.


How can I start a new record at the first field/tab of my form? In this case, the first field of tab Info.


Thank you so much for any tips or suggestions.